The Career Changers

Eric Bedell | Who Could You Become?

September 23, 2021 Season 2 Episode 3
The Career Changers
Eric Bedell | Who Could You Become?
Show Notes

Eric Bedell, holistic personal development coach,  has experienced a string of career change going from drummer, world-class music venue manager, special education personal aide, running a vegan juice cafe, full-time personal trainer, and on, before becoming a coach.

In his words " I've spent the majority of my life living through experiences that have broken me down along the way; a multi-year battle with disordered eating and negative self-image, failures to approach the world in the best ways, and an upending of who I was from a collapsed marriage. Once the lessons and wisdom from these experiences were integrated into my conscious worldview, they became mechanisms for helping others achieve the balance, peace, and clarity of direction that I discovered for myself".

If you have ever asked yourself "Who could I become?" listen to this episode to find some inspirational answers.

Some of the key learnings from Eric?

" I don't think there is never a point where you can find yourself but you can find your path." "The biggest inspirations tend to come out of the darkest period of our life".
"Dream as big as you can dream, and act as small as you can act".

To discover more about Eric Bedell and his work, including empowering young men to move from insecurities, self-doubt, lack or loss of direction, visit his website

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