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Virginia Peterson | Nurse by day, bra designer by night

May 22, 2023 Elisa Martinig Season 4 Episode 11
The Career Changers
Virginia Peterson | Nurse by day, bra designer by night
Show Notes

Our guest today is Virginia Peterson, a nurse who couldn’t find a comfortable bra to wear for a 12-hour shift, so she designed her own.  SWOOP is now in year 4 and continues to provide nurses, health care workers, and busy women the support they need….Literally + figuratively! 

 Today she is here to share her experience and share with you:

—  How nursing inspired her to start a business

—  Not letting fear hold you back

—  Working through the ups + downs

—  Living a life where you can have it all

Find inspiration in three quotes:

  • I started a website and I got one order from one girl called Buffy, who ordered one bra. One week later Buffy ordered other four bras. At that moment I realised that if I girl I didn't know owned four of my bras, I wasn't able to do this business on my own anymore.  That's when I transitioned from being a side hustle to a small business and I hired my first employee.
  • For the women's community, I help them to feel better during their day. Women tell me that they never found such a comfortable and well-fitted bra and this makes me feel that, through my work and business, I make a difference in a small way, in the daily lives of women. 
  • Don't stop following your dreams. Chase them as much as you can. You have only one life. Live it to the fullest. When you feel you hit a roadblock and it seems you are not going anywhere and you don't want to do this anymore, take a deep breath, go for a walk, and think about other options. Ask for help. 

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