The Career Changers

Staci Wallace | Finding your own North Star

September 19, 2022 Elisa Martinig Season 4 Episode 3
The Career Changers
Staci Wallace | Finding your own North Star
The Career Changers
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Show Notes

Our guest today is Staci Wallace, CEO of the Fueled by Fire Mastery Program and Elite Mastermind and Founder of the non-profit organization EMwomen, which rescues and restores the lives of women and girls who have gone through some of life’s most difficult challenges.

 In Staci words:

"I've been incredibly blessed to write 8 books, share the stage with 5 U.S. Presidents, help scale companies from scratch to 9-figures. But when I tell you HOW all of that was possible, it will blow your mind and give you hope that if it can happen for me, IT CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU TOO!

I have also lived through multiple battles that have tried to strip me of my joy and derail my peace. But whether it was the loss of our home in a fire, the death of a loved one, suicidal depression, abuse, business failure, multi-million dollar lawsuits, or simple industry rejection.....I have refused to give up and have learned that my journey prepared me to become a better version of myself". 

Today Stacy is going to talk about her career and life journey, how to make your business thrive and why empowered women empower women. 

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