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Lindsay Gordon | What is the right job for YOU?

July 18, 2022 Elisa Martinig Season 3 Episode 17
The Career Changers
Lindsay Gordon | What is the right job for YOU?
The Career Changers
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Show Notes

"For some people, rock bottom is a trampoline. It springs them up from the depths, back into the light, fueled by a decision never to experience that low again. Or to help make sure other people don't end up there either." I knew I had to share with others who were also struggling so I’m here to help you do the same - and this line from the book, Do Over, by Jon Acuff sums it up nicely.

Our guest today is Lindsay Gordon, career coach for analytically minded people, Forbes Next 1000 Honoree, and Author of the upcoming book "Right For YOU”.

Lindsay said “I hit career dissatisfaction rock bottom in 2014.

I was feeling disengaged and undervalued and couldn't shake my negative attitude. Turns out, my manager and colleagues calling me out was the kick in the butt I needed.

The problem is, I was hyper-focused on all the negative parts of my job. What I needed to do was understand why my current role wasn't a good fit for me and discover what would be a good fit.

By learning about myself and what I wanted, I could understand (and communicate) what would be a good fit.

I started doing any exercise I could find that would help me reflect on what was important to me and what I needed out of a job. I started finding the common threads between all the pieces of my background that felt all over the place (engineer, technical support, career, etc). I put together a framework and I emerged with direction, confidence, energy and a plan.

“My purpose in life is to structure people's thinking so they can make decisions and move forward to explore, experience, and live life. I see waffling about career decisions (sometimes for 10+ years!) as an unacceptable barrier to people doing what they want to do and feeling fully alive. It's absolutely exhausting to ask yourself the same questions over and over again and there's immense freedom when you are finally DECIDED in a way that feels good to you". 

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