The Career Changers

Sarah Burrows | How to find the courage to do what you love in life

May 19, 2022 Season 3 Episode 12
The Career Changers
Sarah Burrows | How to find the courage to do what you love in life
The Career Changers
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Show Notes

"Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life".
But how many of us have been lucky enough to be on the right path early in life?
As strange as it may sound, doing what we love in life is a choice of courage.
Courage to leave the known for the unknown.
Explore the unexplored.
Believe that good things are going to happen if we recognise our talents.

Our guest today is Sarah Burrows, career change, confidence, and new business coach with a background in Psychology.

Sara has Master's degree in Psychology, accredited by the British Psychological Society, has worked with coaches in a British military rehabilitation programme, and has supported leadership training and mentoring programmes with corporate organisations.

She works 1to1 with women (and men) to find the courage and clarity they need to transition into a job they love.

“A few years ago, I pivoted in my career to run my own coaching business and it taught me all of the things I wish I had known and had the courage to do previously. Instead of falling into a job because I thought it was 'right”'. 

Today she is going to talk about the most common fears people face when reflecting on their careers and how to find the courage to change, to do what you love in life, considering that the average person spends up to 80,000 hours at work in their life time.

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